Modules – Public Trades

Public Trades

Crypto trading is available for everyone through centralized or decentralized exchanges. Being an open market public 24/7, there is much crypto trading information to process. Keeping track of it all through the interfaces of the various exchanges can be a confusing experience. This is why we offer for free to all Volven clients a complete overview of all trades that happen on exchanges in one format. Using filters, you could create your views like, for example, “Big BTC Trades” and only show executed trades greater than 1 BTC.

In the Volven Trading Platform, you can view all the latest trades for all your filtered products on your exchanges of choice. This trading data can also be exported in a unified format, just like your own Trades and Orders, to do research.

Suggested Filter(s):

Filter by product: Product IS EQUAL “base” “quote” (BTC/USDT, for example). You can also add several base or quote currencies in one rule.

Filter by exchange: Exchange IS EQUAL “exchange_name”

List of data columns:

  1. Exchange: Crypto Exchange name
  2. Side: Shows which side is the order, BUY or SELL
  3. Size: How much was traded, i.e., size of the trade.
  4. Product: Which product was traded
  5. Price: At which price was the trade executed
  6. Trade ID: Trade ID provided by the exchange for this trade
  7. Time: The time at which the trade was executed