NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader out now! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products Read more

NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products

Trade Crypto AI Algorithms

The future of
trading is here.

Reduce your trading fees by up to 50%. Customise your algorithms to match your own trading style. Our servers are co-located with the exchanges, providing low-latency execution. Use Volven’s Artificial Intelligence strategies to increase your profit.

Empowering traders

AI-driven strategies that trade 24/7.

Regardless of your hardware or internet connection, Volven’s strategies offer professional-grade performance to all users. If you lose your connection or turn off your laptop, our algorithms will never stop trading for you.

Capitalise on market opportunities using our execution strategies. Through co-location, we ensure minimal delays, giving you an edge against manual trades.

Swipe-to-trade functionality starts algorithms for swift execution with a single tap.

Monitor your performance in real-time and experience professional performance on Volven’s platform for free.

Transform complex trading into an effortless experience.

Improve your insights, reduce your uncertainty and optimise your returns.

Algorithmic crypto trading

It’s time to trade smarter.

Manual trading and traditional crypto “bots” incur high costs from slow order placement in fast markets. Trade crypto with our high-performance infrastructure and revolutionary algorithms, and you will never need to trade manually again.


Dynamic, AI-driven
time-weighted average price

Improve your execution with Volven’s re-invented TWAP.

Overcome the challenge of knowing when to buy, and when to sell. Utilise Volven TWAP to confidently improve your market entry and exit points.

TWAP algorithm explanation


Time-weighted average price arbitrage

TARB runs two TWAP algorithms at the same time; buy and sell. By taking advantage of market movements in either direction, TARB will generate profit when the market is volatile or sideways.
We recommend using TARB as a replacement for those trading with exchange-native TP/SL.

The TARB strategy opens positions and takes profit on average prices. This allows you to take advantage of bigger price swings than expected, consequently increasing your profit margin. The TARB’S passive execution cuts trading fees by up to 50%.

TARB algorithm explanation

Smart Order

Volven’s “Smart Order” replaces traditional limit and market orders. Execute effortlessly by placing your order with dynamic price tracking or traditional limit or market orders. With dynamic price limit, your order will be filled within seconds.


A miniature TWAP strategy for execution periods under 15 minutes. The slicer executes your order in a specified time frame, targeting the volume-weighted average price.