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About Us

Our Mission

After 25 years in traditional finance as high frequency market makers, the transition to crypto posed significant challenges. We lacked dependable trading systems that matched our accustomed standards. The available options were limited to browser-based interfaces that proved sluggish and ineffective, resulting in avoidable losses. Leveraging our extensive expertise gained from years on Wall Street in algorithm development and trading systems, it became evident that the cryptocurrency market desperately needed an innovative trading terminal built by professional traders.

“Trading terminals haven't changed in the last 25 years. We have decided to change that.”

Filip Berg-Nielsen


Our Solution

Through great dedication and commitment to quality and innovative design, we have succeeded in building a powerful trading software that not only meet are own expectations but also gathered great interest from other crypto traders and institutions seeking a superior trading software.

Our History

First Hire

First developer joined
the Volven family


Monolith Backend

Market Data Engine V1

Trading Engine V1

Strategy Engine V1


1M orders placed

2 million USD raised

14 Employees

Machine Learning team



Beta users

2B USD in trading volume

iOS App

First Institutional Client

On track to 50M orders


First Trade

First test trade


First Strategy

  • First Market Making strategies launched
  • 100K orders placed

Gen 2 Terminal

4M orders placed

40 Employees

7 million USD raised

Desktop Terminal V2 (C++)

Fully scalable backend



Team member photo Filip Berg-Nielsen


Filip Berg-Nielsen

Filip has more than 25 years of experience in financial markets. He started as a floor broker for stocks and derivatives at the Oslo Stock Exchange in the mid-'90s but quickly transitioned to prop trading.

He was a market maker at Carnegie and Elcon Securities. At Elcon - later First Securities (Co-Founder), he established the trading department, including risk management and back-office routines.

He was an early adaptor of DMA trading in the '90s, and in the 2010s, did cross-market HFT trading with co-located engines. For more than a decade, he had above 5% market share on the Oslo Stock Exchange. In 2017 he decided to bring his experience from quantitative trading to the crypto market. Since then, he has been dedicating his time and effort to developing the Volven platform.

Team member photo Grzegorz Tekiela


Grzegorz Tekiela

Grzegorz is a Senior Software Developer with ten years of professional experience. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Silesian University of Technology.

In 2011, he started working for a Norwegian algorithmic trading company. During this time, Grzegorz vastly expanded his knowledge of the operation of the stock market and the principles that guide it - excellent knowledge of algorithms and multithreading helped him create fast algorithms used for high-frequency trading (HFT).

Since May 2017, all his time and effort has gone into creating the Volven platform. At Volven, he acts as the Architect and leading Software Developer. Grzegorz enjoys the outdoors, especially running, cycling and skiing in his spare time.

Team member photo Jan Rasmus Platou


Jan Rasmus Platou

Jan, a seasoned gas broker and software developer with 9 years' experience, managed a diverse global clientele at their family office Xenon Shipping, brokering petrochemical arbitrage and shipping contracts.

He transitioned into crypto as an algorithmic trader, and later in 2020 started his own business as a market maker on centralised crypto exchanges.

During his career as a market maker, Jan designed advanced trading infrastructure and developed low-latency trading algorithms for high-frequency trading of digital assets.

Team member photo Marius Moksness


Marius Moksness

Marius has over ten years of experience in financial markets. He joined Volven in September 2022 after seven years as an equity trader & partner in Pareto Securities.

Before Pareto Securities, Marius worked in Ictus doing high-frequency trading and market-making on Nasdaq OMX.

Marius holds an MBA with a Finance major, graduating 2011 from BI Norwegian Business School.

Board Members

Klaus Wise-Hansen Team member photo

Klaus Wise-Hansen

Schjødt Lawfirm, Partner

Attorney Admitted to the Supreme Court. Specialist in Financial Services, Insurance, Capital Markets, M&A.

Jørgen Arnesen Team member photo

Jørgen Arnesen

Opera Ltd, Executive Vice President

Responsible for Opera's mobile apps and services. Prior to his current role at Opera he managed the company's global marketing programs across all business units and consumer products. Before joining Opera he worked in various roles for Google in the US, Ireland and Norway. Specialist in user acquisition and growth having 18+ years of experience working for tier 1 consumer companies.

Sven Bakken Team member photo

Sven Gustav Bakken

Arctic Securities, Head of Equities, Corporate Finance

Sven joined Arctic Securities on April 1st 2023. He recently worked as Investment Director for Blystad group. From 2015 to 2021, he was Managing Director for Capital Markets in DNB Markets and before that, Sven worked as a Senior Partner Equity Sales for Pareto Securities. He has a MSc in Finance from International House Brisbane (2002).

Kristian Ikast Team member photo

Kristian Ikast

Chief Executive Officer of Codelab Capital

Kristian Ikast has two decades of executive international experience. With leadership experience from close to 50 different countries and more than five years of experience as board chair/member for both listed and non-listed companies. Experience from IPO, several M&As, turnarounds, and scaling processes, both national and international. His current role as the Chief Executive Officer of Codelab Capital (former PatientSky Group) brings vast experience in Tech to the Board of Volven.

Filip Berg-Nielsen Team member photo

Filip Berg-Nielsen

Volven CEO

Filip has more than 25 years of experience in financial markets. He started as a floor broker for stocks and derivatives at the Oslo Stock Exchange in the mid-'90s, but quickly transitioned to prop trading.

Our People

Volven's employees and their diverse backgrounds, ideas, and expertise are considered our most valuable resource - all team members share the company's vision and have aligned interests in our future success.

We hire competent, passionate, and skilled individuals who we support to be the creative and best versions of themselves. Currently, Volven employs 35 dedicated professionals.

«People are not our most important asset. The right people are.»

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