NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader out now! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products Read more

NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products

Algorithms SMO


Trails the market until filled.

Ultra-fast execution strategy for entry, take-profit, and stop-loss.
Follows the market inside the spread until filled.


Iceberg and smart passive order distribution – 50% reduction in transaction fees
and improved slippage – the best fire-and-forget execution strategy on the market today.



Limit And Market
Order In One

Use this strategy if you want to trade quickly and get an immediate execution whilst trying to minimise the total cost of execution (commission and spread). This strategy is also useful if you want to trade passively in more illiquid symbols without adjusting the limit manually as the market develops.

Based on your chosen settings, Smart Order will send limit orders within the spread of the current market, allowing you to get an increased rate of passive fills and significantly reduce your commission.

Connect to Major Crypto Exchanges

Volven is co-located with the major crypto exchanges. Our infrastructure gives our clients low latency execution and order precision at the highest level.

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