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NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products

Volven Terminal

Desktop Terminal

Trading terminals has been unchanged for 25 years, so we decided to do something about it!

Build By Traders, For Traders

Volven introduces dashboard trading in the next-generation trading terminal. With the powerful Volven Terminal, you will have a complete overview of the market on a multi-exchange level. Increase your trading performance with military-grade infrastructure. Creating and launching strategies simply and with personalized default settings enables traders to generate strategies quickly.

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Improve your insights and optimize your returns

Our innovative design enables you to have an intuitive and effective way to monitor your orders and strategies. The interactive strategy view gives you real-time analytics of all your strategies.

The terminal has great flexibility. Customise the workspace to suit your individual workflow with our modules.

A revolutionary feature of the terminal is the portfolio overview. This gives you a graphical expression of your crypto holdings. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can switch from multiple assets to another in one operation, create basket orders, and much more with low-cost execution. With Internal transfer functionality, you can transfer your funds between your different on-exchange wallets in an easy way.

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All major exchanges in one terminal

With the Volven Terminal, you will get a complete market overview with all major crypto exchanges in one overview. Always have access to the best prices in the consolidated view to ensure the best execution possible. Quick trading buttons ensure you have the fastest route to the crypto market.

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Intuitive Design

Volven introduces dashboard trading, a revolutionary design to help crypto traders work more efficiently while increasing control and overview simultaneously.

Trade Quickly

Intuitive and Easy launch of strategies. Option to make personalised default to settings to enable quick trading.

Volven Terminal example image

Monitor Strategies

Monitor your strategies in real-time with live statics. With Volven`s strategy overview, it has never been easier to monitor multiple strategies at the same time.

Convert Assets

Manage your risk with drag-and-drop conversion of assets. Convert multiple symbols in one operation with low-cost execution.

Watch Demo

We have created a short demo to demonstrate the core functions of the application

4 Easy Steps

Algorithmic crypto trading has never been more accessible. With four easy steps, you are all set to get started.

Open an Account

Open an account and onboard your team

Download Terminal

Download the Volven Terminal from your account

Link Exchange

Connect to an exchange by adding your API keys

Start Trading

You are all set to and ready to start trading with the Volven Terminal

Connect to Major Crypto Exchanges

Volven is co-located with the major crypto exchanges. Our infrastructure gives our clients low latency execution and order precision at the highest level.

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Download the Volven Terminal and get started today

Unlock the ultimate trading experience with our professional grade trading software to give you that extra edge in the market.

Also check out the Volven iOS app for when you are on the go.

Download the mobile application, track your positions, and launch strategies wherever you are.