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NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products

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A slicer is a short-duration TWAP strategy.

The strategy will spread the executions of the order up to 15 min from the start.



Miniature TWAP

Slicer aims to trade market VWAP or better in a short window of time. The slicer is given the discretion to capture crypto momentum, volume surprises, and optimal order placement levels. It is a handy strategy for scenarios where the trader has decided on a level where he is happy to add or sell without being static in the market.

Slicer utilises Volven`s smart passive order handling logic, which has proven to increase the passive fill rate to the north of 95%. This will significantly reduce transaction fees paid to the crypto exchanges.

Connect to Major Crypto Exchanges

Volven is co-located with the major crypto exchanges. Our infrastructure gives our clients low latency execution and order precision at the highest level.

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