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Get a complete and detailed stats of your strategies performance


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All user data is encrypted with best-in-class encryption. All funds are stored on the crypto exchanges

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Volven is co-located with the major crypto exchanges. Our infrastructure gives our clients low latency execution and order precision at the highest level.


Volven is a professional algorithmic trading platform to trade SPOT and Futures products on multiple crypto exchanges. Volven offers a standalone desktop terminal and an iOS app for trading away from your desk. Volven utilises machine learning to optimise execution and decision-making for its custom-built crypto algorithms.

Purposely built for institutions, day traders and active crypto traders who do a few trades a week to more than a 100,000 trades a day.

You can trade SPOT and Futures on Binance, ByBit, OKX, and, (Bitfinex: on Demand). We are continuously integrating new exchanges on our platform.

Choose from 3 different subscription packages ranging from basic access with our iOS app from only 59USD a month to our day-trader terminal package at 499USD a month. Volven ads no extra transaction fee on any trades.Institutional pricing by request

Volven`s smart passive strategies have a maker fill ratio of 95% that means you should expect to save 50% of your trading fee in any future market.

Volven adds no extra transaction fees. Transaction fees are a matter between you and your exchange.

A third-party cyber security firm regularly performs penetration tests on our system. A penetration test is a simulated cyber-attack to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. All your user data is encrypted with best-in-class encryption. Neither Volven nor our employees can access your assets or sensitive data; all funds are stored on the exchanges or in your private blockchain wallet.