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NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products

Algorithms TARB


TWAP Arbitrage

TARB is an intelligent replacement for the popular grid strategy.


Instead of a predefined static trading level, this strategy allows you to monetize on price fluctuation dynamically by launching 2 TWAP strategies, BUY and SELL.


The 2 TWAP strategies work with each other with a minimum spread (profit margin) set by the trader.



Time-weighted average price arbitrage

Launching a TARB strategy will generate 2 child strategies, one strategy (TWAP) to open a position, and one strategy (TWAP) to take profit and close the position. The 2 TWAP orders will work with each other as the market develops, giving you the opportunity to monetise on the price fluctuations that occur. TARB emphasises strongly minimising trading related costs, and with the TWAP trading Logic you will enjoy reduced commission (up to 50%), optimal spread capture, and optimal order placement level (Machine Learning).

With TARB you gain full control over your trades and execution while enjoying the convenience of automated profit and risk management.

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