Modules – Orders


Algorithmic trading can generate a plethora of orders and trades. Much more so than manual trading! Some believe this leads to increase risk exposure; however, increased trading activity with the same risk exposure reduces risk. It sounds complicated, but the reality of it is pretty simple: Here’s an example. You can put all your money in one big bet or place it in several small bets. Each option is expected to generate the same return. Which one would you pick?

In the Volven Trading Platform, you can easily view and manage all your active and historical orders across all exchanges in one format. You can also export all the orders with all their statistics to make tax reporting more straightforward.

Suggested Filter(s):

Active (open) orders:
Status ISN’T EQUAL “deleted” This will show all your orders that does not have the state deleted.

List of data columns:

  1. Exchange: Crypto Exchange name
  2. Side: Shows which side is the order, BUY or SELL
  3. Total size: The total size of the order
  4. Product: Which product for this order
  5. Filled size: Shows how much of your order
  6. Status: An order can have four different statuses
    1. Sent: the order has been sent from Volven engine an awaiting response from the exchange
    2. Accepted: the order has been accepted by the exchange but is not yet available in the orderbook
    3. Open: order is live in the market
    4. Deleted: order is no longer active
  7. Delete reason: Shows the reason why the order is deleted. There are dozens of different reasons, but the most common ones are:
    1. Filled
    2. Canceled by user
    3. Rejected by exchange
  8. Order type: Shows if it’s a limit or market order
  9. Always passive: true/false if the exchange should reject the order if it would fully or partially fill other existing orders when placed.
  10. Traded value: The value of your filled size
  11. Order fees: If any fee occurs, it will show here.
  12. Create time: Date and time of when the order was created
  13. Delete time: Date and time when the order was deleted
  14. Order ID: Your Order ID as received from the exchange
  15. App ID: If a strategy created order, it would show the strategy app ID here.
  16. Account: Which account (name of the API Key) was this order sent from.
  17. Acc ID: Your account ID
  18. Order user ID: Order ID sent from Volven to Exchange
  19. Time in force:
    1. Good till canceled (GTC): order will remain active until it is either filled or canceled by the trader.
    2. Immediate or cancel (IOC): order will fill all volume available at the given price and cancel the remaining unfilled volume if any.