Modules – Accounts


With cross-exchange trading and automated crypto trading algorithms, every trader needs a complete portfolio overview. At Volven, you can connect to all exchanges we support and display the value of your portfolio in the main currency of your choice!

You can also manage your API Keys in the Accounts window by right-clicking inside the window and select “API Keys” or “Add new API Key.”

Suggested Filter(s):
Filter by exchange: Exchange IS EQUAL “exchange_name”

List of data columns:

  1. Exchange: Crypto Exchange name
  2. Currency: The currency for this row
  3. Total: Your total balance of this currency on this exchange
  4. Available: Your available balance to trade this currency. If you have a total of 2 Bitcoin, and place a sell order for 0.5 Bitcoin, then you will have 1.5 Bitcoin available.
  5. On hold: Your balance which is on hold because of an active order in the market. If you have 1 Bitcoin, and place a sell order for 0.2 Bitcoin, then you have 0.2 Bitcoin on hold.
  6. On hold (fee): How much of this balance is reserved due for potential fees for open orders.
  7. Account: Which account (account name of the api key) the balance belongs to.
  8. Acc ID: Your account ID
  9. CCY: Shortcode of Currency. BTC for Bitcoin, ETH for Ethereum
  10. Main Currency: Shows which main currency you have selected to base your total value recalculations, for example, United States Dollar.
  11. Total balance (main currency): Converts the value of your balance to your selected Main Currency (USDT by default).
  12. User ID: Your User ID
  13. User e-mail: Your email