Layouts for algo trading

Inside your workspace, each window has its layout. The “Layout” is a combination of

  1. Which columns you’d like to see
  2. Column widths
  3. Column arrangement
  4. Your custom column names
  5. Data ordering sequence(s)
  6. Data formats
  7. Statistical information

Make crypto trading easier with custom or preset layouts. Create your algo trading workflow based on instruments or experience, or select from one of our presets. Enable one-click trading with default strategies, settings, and much more in your layouts.

The workspace is the “big picture,” while the layout is “the details.” For algo trading, all traders have their preferences. One could prefer a more straightforward layout, like the Volven Vanilla layout, which provides only the most essential crypto trading information. Or, if you require a complete and detailed overview, one could try the “Full Monty” workspace and layouts. Traders can change any layout, create multiple versions of a single layout, and rename them for quick access.

How to switch or create new layout in Volven

  1. Select from existing layouts
  2. Or create an empty layout and give it a name
  3. After creating an empty layout, you must add columns to display any market or account data. Go to the column chooser by clicking “Manage columns…” and double-click the Columns, or drag them to the right side of the Column chooser panel.

We encourage all traders to create an empty layout, fit it to your liking and share it with our community! Volven also provides a set of pre-made workspaces and layouts for various preferences.

    • Vanilla (Minimalistic / Beginner)
      • Vanilla is a minimalistic layout that provides no more than the essential information for efficient algorithmic trading.
    • Slack (Intermediate / Default)
      • Slack is a detailed layout covering all the essential needs plus some more advanced statistics for automated crypto trading.
    • Full Monty (Professional)
      • Full Monty holds all the information required to operate a professional algorithmic trading platform and manage your algo trading. Designed for advanced or institutional users.