One of the benefits of using an algorithmic trading platform is its ease of access and market overview. You can easily trade cross-exchange and act quickly as the market moves.

Currently, Volven supports the following spot exchanges.

We are currently working on the integration of Binance Futures. Once complete, we will integrate ByBit Spot & Futures, following more exchanges.

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Algorithmic trading can seem challenging at first glance, but it makes trading easier! You could compare it to using Google. It would be quite troublesome to search the internet without search engines. In the big picture, algo trading works the same way. It’s quite troublesome to trade manually! The list goes on: monitoring the market, placing orders, cancelling orders, placing new orders, and closing your overnight positions. Manual trading is ineffective compared to algo trading. So tell the algo what you want and when you want it, then relax and watch the magic happen.