Exchanges – – API Key

Please follow the below guide for creating an API key on manually.

Remember to whitelist all 4 of Volven IP addresses:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on “Dashboard”.
  3. Click “Account Management”
  4. Click “API Management”
  5. Choose API Keys and click “Create a new API key”
  6. Give it a name, enter your 6-digit 2FA code, and click Create API
  7. Set Permissions
    1. Choose “Enable Trading”
    2. Enter Volvens IP 4 IP addresses one by one.
    3. Click “Save”
  8. Open the Volven iOS APP “Portfolio view” and click the “settings” icon.
  9. Choose “Exchange Links
  10. Choose “Link Exchange”
  11. Add Exchange Account
    1. Add Exchange Account
    2. Choose
    3. Copy and paste API KEY
    4. Copy and paste “Secret”
    5. Click “Add Account”