Exchanges – API Key – ByBit

Please follow the below guide for creating an API key on ByBit manually.
Remember to whitelist all 4 of Volven IP addresses:

  1. Log in to your ByBit account.
  2. Click on the “my profile icon” and choose “API key”
  3. Click “Create New Key”
  4. Select “System-generated API Keys”
  5. API settings
    1. Select “API Transaction”.
    2. Give it a name
    3. Select “Read-Write”
    4. Select “Only Ips with permissions granted are allowed to access the
    5. Paste Volvens IPs, remember to use comma to separate the IPs.
    6. Select: Orders, Positions, USDC Derivatives Trading, Trade, Account
      Transfer, Subaccount Transfer, Withdrawal, Exchange History.
    7. Click “Submit”.

  6. Complete the Security Verification.
  7. Open the Volven iOS App, but do not leave the ByBit, you will need the API
    Key and Secret later.

    1. Select “portfolio view”
    2. Click on the “settings icon”.

  8. Click “Exchange Links”
  9. Click “Link Exchange”
  10. Add Exchange Account
    1. Select ByBit
    2. Select Manual
    3. Copy and Paste API Key from ByBit to APP
    4. Copy and Paste API Secret from Bybit APP
    5. Click “Add Account”