Exchanges – API Key – Binance

Please follow the below guide for creating an API key on Binance.
Remember to whitelist all 4 of Volven IP addresses:

1. Log in to your Binance account.

2. Click on the “My Profile” icon and choose “API Management.”


3. Choose “Create API”


4. Choose “System generated” and click “Next.”


5. Give the API Key a name of your choosing. Example: Volven API


6. Complete captcha


7. Security section: Complete the verification process. Choose “get code” to complete the email verification. In the following field, enter your Binance authenticator code with Google Authenticator. Click submit


8. Click “Edit restrictions.”


9. Fill in the Volven IP addresses. Remember spacing between each address


10. Select “Enable Spot & Margin Trading”. In addition, for those that are set up for futures trading on Binance select “Enable Futures”. You need to click save before scanning the QR code.


11. Fill in your code from SMS, email or Authenticator App.


12. Go back to Volven App. From the Add exchanges form, click “Scan QR Code.”


13. Scan the QR on Binance page with the Volven APP.


14. In the Volven APP, click “Add account.”