Exchanges – Add API Key with Binance App

1. Click on the “My profile” Icon.

2. Change to Binance Pro.

3. Click “More.”

4. Choose API management.


5. Choose “Create API.”


6. Choose “System generated,” then click “Next.”


7. Give the API Key a name; for example, Volven API. Click “Next.”


8. Complete captcha.

9. Complete the Security verification, first, with an email verification code, and second, Authenticator code. Choose “submit.”

10. Click “Edit.”

11. Copy the Volven IP addresses by clicking the copy icon. Paste the IP`s in the IP access restrictions section.


12. Choose “Enable Spot & Margin Trading.” If you access to do Futures with Binance, choose “Enable Futures.”

13. Click “Save”

14. Security Verification. Enter your “Authenticator code” and click “Submit.”

15. Now it’s time to link the API Key with the Volven iOS APP. Click “copy” the API Key.

16. Open the Volven iOS APP, choose “Portfolio,” and click “Add Exchange.”


17. Paste the API Key in the “API Key field.”

18. Go back to the Binance APP and copy the “Secret Key.”

19. Paste the “Secret Key” in the secret field and click “Add account.”