Cheat Sheet

Algo Trading Cheat Sheet – Volven

Strategy Codes:

FO: Follower

SC: Slicer (Mini TWAP)

ALO: Limit Order with TP/SL

TWAP: Time-Weighted Average Price

TARB: Time-Weighted Average Price Arbitrage


Highlights (Blinking on updates): Click “Enable Highlights” in the top left “Menu”

Product/Exchange Icons: Click Product/Exchange Icons in the top left “Menu”

Main Menu: CTRL + Windows

Open Chart: Right-click on product in Ticker

Search: CTRL + F

Refresh: F5

Save Workspace: CTRL + S

Import Workspace: CTRL + I

Show / Hide Top Bar: F12

Column Statistics: CTRL + Q

Copy Row(s) to Clipboard: CTRL + C

Select All Rows: CTRL + A

Download New Update: Click Download icon in Main Menu (CTRL + Windows)

Sort Column: Left-Click on Column Name

Multi-Sort Columns: Shift + Left-Click on Columns

Rename Column: Right-Click + Rename on Column Name

Enable One-Click Trading: Click “Don’t show again” in Strategy Creation Panel

Disable One-Click Trading: Open Strategy Creation Panel by Right-Clicking in the Strategies window and selecting your strategy. Click to disable “Don’t show again”.

Mute: Click Speaker Icon in Main Menu (CTRL + Windows)

Download Order / Trades to Excel format: Click Download icon in top left corner of Orders / Trades view

Set Default Strategy: Select Strategy from Ticker window. “Buy” and “Sell” buttons in Ticker view will now initiate the selected strategy.

Fast Public Trades: Right Click -> Public Trades on a product in Ticker View.