Algorithms – TARB

What is Volven TARB?

TARB is an algorithmic strategy that gives you the opportunity with no manual interfering to take profit along as
the strategy trades. The Strategy opens and closes the positions with the Volven TWAP algorithm. Different
parameter settings allow you to customize the behavior of the algorithm.

How to start a Volven TARB strategy

  1. From the Trading view:
    1. Choose a symbol
    2. Swipe right to “Buy” and left to “Sell”, push the strategy icon.
  2. Inside the Strategy Panel: Choose “TARB” in the strategy type box
  3. Inside the Strategy Panel: fill in your desired settings, or you can use the default settings that are already

      1. Size
      2. Price Lmit(Optional) Price Limit defines the maximum price you
        would like to buy at or the minimum price you would like to sell. This is very useful in crypto trading
        where volatility can be high.
      3. Take Profit(margin in % you want the strategy to target)
      4. Strategy Duration(Default 60 min)


  4. Push “Launch” to start the strategy

Let’s explain a Buy example with following parameters:

Symbol: BTC/USDT
Size: 1
Limit Price: 30 500
Take Profit: 1%
Duration: 1 Hour

  1. The strategy will start buying 1BTC/USDT with a limit of 30 500.
  2. The take profit parameter is set at 1% Implying that the strategy will start selling the bought position when
    the potential profit is 1% or larger.

During its duration, the Opening and Take Profit TWAP will automatically detect attractive and unattractive zones for
buying and selling, and adjust its size and time intervals accordingly to generate the best possible execution.
Note: Take profit duration will automatically be set to 30% of the strategies duration time.