Algorithms – Slicer

Slicer Strategy

A Slicer is a dynamic AI based algorithmic crypto strategy and can be described as a short term TWAP strategy. The strategy will spread the executions of the order up to 9 min from start (default value 1 min). Slicer aims to trade at market VWAP or better inn a given time window. The Slicer is given discretion to capture crypto momentum, volume surprises and optimal order placement levels. It is a strategy that works well when you have decided for a level where you are happy to add or sell without being static in the market.

Slicer focus highly on order handling and the importance to have a highest possible fill rate of passive executions, this will lower the commission and increase spread capture.

How to place a Volven Slicer strategy

  1. From the Trading view:
    1. Choose a symbol
    2. Swipe right to “Buy” and left to “Sell”, push the strategy icon.
  2. Inside the Strategy Panel: Choose “Slicer” in the strategy type box
  3. Inside the Strategy Panel: fill in your desired settings, or you can use the default settings that are already there.
    1. Size
    2. Price Limit(Optional) Price Limit defines the maximum price you would like to buy at or the minimum price you would like to sell. This is very useful in crypto trading where volatility can be high.
    3. Strategy Duration(Default 6 min)


  4. Push “Launch” to start the strategy


Let’s explain a SELL example with the following parameters:

Symbol: BTC/USDT and last price is currently 29 000

Size: 10%

TWAP Duration in min: 6

Limit Price: (empty)

In this example we illustrate an order to sell 10% of your holdings in BTC/USDT at mkt for the next 6 min.



Important to note that Slicer may not complete. Slicer have the discretion to trade when it see favourable opportunities, if not enough of these opportunities occur, it will not complete.