Algorithms -ALO

ALO – Advanced Limit Order

The ALO is a trading strategy that automatically manages your take profit and stop loss. There are three parameters for
the ALO:

  1. Entry price (Long or Short)
  2. Take Profit price (TP)
  3. Stop Loss price (SL)

This trading strategy works as follows. The trader provides the entry, TP, and SL (optional) price levels. When the
entry order is filled, the strategy will monitor the market and automatically exit your position if the market hits the
take profit price or stop loss price.

ALO is a great entry-level trading strategy for those looking to learn and understand more about algo trading.
Especially in crypto, where the market never sleeps, it is essential to have trading strategies that monitor your
positions to maintain an acceptable risk level

One benefit of the ALO is to lock in profits and prevent losses. Psychology plays a significant role in trading. Being
able to factor out emotions when taking profits or calculating a loss can be a huge benefit. We’ve all been there,
clinging to a position you should’ve exited long ago. With the ALO, the automated trading strategy does the work for

How to start a new ALO- Advanced Limit Order:

How to place Volven ALO crypto strategy

  1. From the Trading view:
      1. Choose a symbol
      2. Swipe right to “Buy” and left to “Sell”, push the strategy icon.
  2. Inside the Strategy Panel: Choose “ALO” in the strategy type box.
  3. Inside the Strategy Panel: fill in your desired settings, or you can use the default settings that are already

    1. Size
    2. Price Limit
    3. Take Profit (TP)
    4. Stop Loss (Optional, SL)

Let’s explain a BUY example with the following parameters:

Symbol: BTC/USDT and last price is currently 27 300

Size: 1

Limit Price: 27 000

Take profit: 27 300

Stop Loss: 26 800

  1. Since Limit Price is set to 27 000, this will be your entry price.
  2. Since “Take Profit” I set to 27 300, the strategy will start to sell when market reaches this level.
  3. Since “Stop Loss” is set to 26 800, the strategy will exist the position if the market reaches this level.