NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader out now! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products Read more

NEW: BULL & BEAR Auto trader! Available for the TOP 15 liquid futures products

Built by professional traders.

Reduced Transaction Cost and Slippage

Co-located servers and smart passive algorithms provide users with high accuracy order precision, the lowest possible slippage and a 50% or more reduction in transaction fees*.

Our smart passive order-management has, on average, more than 95% maker fills with minimal slippage. We have reinvented the TWAP and custom-built it for crypto trading. With a track record of 70% of the time trading better than VWAP*.

With Volven, you never have to worry about the execution again.

Machine Learned Algorithms

Volven's self-learning neural networks identify opportunities before they happen. Our machine-learning algorithms utilise deep learning to predict market moves.

Deep learning models make independent decisions. That means multiple instances of the same model can run simultaneously and not affect performance. We call it the 4GEN trading algorithms.

Volven's machine-learning engine and algorithms are not to be mixed with other crypto bots.

Revolutionary User Interface

A revolutionary dashboard design with graphical modules gives you full control of running strategies and the market. With better overview and control you can trade more efficiently.

For ultimate performance, our terminal is written in a low-level coding language that utilises the QT framework which is commonly used in military-grade applications and by car manufacturers like Tesla and Mercedes.

Our iOS app is built for trading and is a powerful tool when you are away from your desk.

Cybersecurity and Encryption

A third-party cyber security firm regularly performs penetration tests on our systems. A penetration test is a simulated cyber-attack to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

All your user data is encrypted with best-in-class encryption. Neither Volven nor our employees can access your assets or sensitive data; all funds are stored on the exchanges or in your private blockchain wallet.

We strongly recommend that you enable Two-Factor Authentication when creating your account.


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Trades Executed

Trade on the go and manage your positions with the Volven iOS app

Download the mobile application, track your positions, set up and launch strategies and close orders at home or on the go.

Volven Terminal, professional desktop tool

Access the real strength of Volven - the terminal has it all. Manage, analyse, track and trade in the same application.