All in one crypto trading platform


The crypto market never sleeps. Volven algorithms open a 24/7 market, and automated execution does the work for you. allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Supported Exchanges

Access all our supported exchanges in one platform. Providing you access to more liquidity and better prices. Full overview of exposure across all connected venues in one intuitive desktop or mobile app.

Reduced Trading Costs

Through years of dedication, trial & learning, the Volven algorithms provide an edge in the market, reducing costs and outperforming the market price over time.

Free to Use

Volven is free to use. with access to advanced algorithms from the get-go. There are also subscription packages available for traders seeking the ultimate party-level!

Low latency Infrastructure

Our co-located servers in Asia, Europe and USA ensure you can reach all the top crypto exchanges with the same performance.

Easy To Use

Our technology is user-driven, fully customizable, and modular. Utilizing workspaces based on knowledge and experience. Volven adapts to you and your trading style.


Download trades from all venues to excel in the same format to make tax reporting easier. Extract data even from before you got the platform.


Use the built-in layouts/workspaces or build your own preferred set up. The system is fully customizable while its intuitive at the same time.

All Strategies Run On Our Engines

The performance is the same regardless of location or personal equipment. You can trade just as well from your mobile as from your PC. Speed combined with intelligent algorithms will lower commission and reduce slippage.

Volven Mobile APP

One-click trading with machine learning algorithms Easy to use, but highly advanced beneath the surface

Active Community

Engage with other users and our support in our community channels such as Discord., Telegram or Twitter for a better experience.

Default Settings

Everything has a default setting, if it’s a workspace, layout, or strategy parameters, you can set your defaults and carry them with you everywhere.

Passion For Trading

Lets level the playing field! Available on your desktop and mobile; Volven enables easy-to-use. one-click trading with algorithms powered by machine learning, enabling traders to monitor and participate in multiple markets around the clock.

Start using Volven

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About Volven

Volven has developed a trading platform with sophisticated algorithms specially designed for the crypto market. Our goal is to level the playing field between professional and non-professional traders. We offer both a free entry-level package, and a subscription model for active users.

Our easy-to-use mobile application and customizable desktop software offer one-click execution, changing how people trade.

Volven’s algorithms enable 24/7 trading allowing traders to take full advantage of a market that never sleeps.


We are always looking for new and interesting people to work with us.